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What you need to know before signing the contract::


  • Rental on transparent terms set out in a written rental agreement.
  • You make payments to bank account.
  • In addition to the rent, we collect monthly fees from the Tenant for the settlement of utilities.
  • We conclude a lease agreement for a definite period of time, which gives both parties certainty and stability.
  • Only the Tenant/Tenants can live in the room/apartment.
  • It is forbidden to smoke cigarettes (or anything else) and to keep animals without our consent.
  • There is an order to maintain cleanliness and order, and in apartments for rooms to keep order and cleanliness in the common areas by all Roommates.
  • Minor faults and breakdowns (such as replacing a light bulb, repairing a clogged sink, etc.) are left to you.
  • We provide support in the event of major repairs and breakdowns.
  • The Lessee is responsible for any damage to the premises caused by the Lessee.
  • When signing the contract, we require a deposit.
  • You will receive a prepared and cleaned room / apartment from us and we want to pick it up from you in the same condition. If you wish, we can do the final cleaning for you for an additional fee.
  • We are at your disposal during the entire rental period.
  • Possibility to conclude a lease agreement remotely.
  • Before signing the contract:
    • You will fill in the Reservation Form - thanks to which we will find out if you are, for example, allergic to animals, smoke cigarettes, we will learn your interests etc. 
    • We will verify the potential Tenant (e.g. confirmation of employment, university education, surety from parents, verification in debtors' registers, declaration of submission to enforcement) so you will gain credibility not only in our eyes, but also your future Roommates and Landlords.
  • Check how to book a selected apartment or room.
  • Familiarize yourself with the template of the Rental Agreement.


What do you gain?:


  • A written lease agreement - you know what you can expect from us and what we require from you.
  • The best location in Gdańsk: close to the most important universities, business centers, with very good infrastructure and in attractive places also in terms of spending free time.
  • Online access to the Tenant Panel where you can handle all matters related to the lease agreement.
  • Technical support in case of major failures and faults.
  • Stability: we conclude the contract for a definite period of time, so you can be sure that you will not have to move out overnight. Possibility to extend the contract.
  • Privacy - all rooms for rent are locked.
  • Friendly atmosphere.
  • You get free Wi-Fi internet access.
  • All rooms / apartments are furnished and fully equipped, you only need to bring your own bedding, towels and personal belongings. The kitchen and bathroom (common parts in apartments for rooms) are fully equipped with a set of dishes, kitchen tools, household appliances, etc.
  • After the end of the lease, we can issue a reference letter.

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