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book an object;
fill in
BOOKING FORM available on our website /HERE/.
The data from the form will be entered into the rental agreement and are necessary for verification.
After submitting the form, wait for confirmation of the reservation by the Lessor.



Go to the RENTAL OFFERS tab, where you will find proposals for renting apartments and rooms for you.



We will carry out your VERIFICATION, including financial. We may ask you to upload additional documents.
We will verify within
2 business days.
The rental agreement will not be concluded in the event of a negative verification.



After positive verification, you will receive an online rental agreement.
Pay the DEPOSIT on time.
Remember, only the payment of the deposit is confirmation of the conclusion of the contract.
After concluding the contract, you will receive access to the Tenant Panel and all you have to do is move into the rented apartment or room.
No later than on the day of check-in, the AGREEMENT should be SIGNED - this can be done in the Tenant's Panel using an electronic signature.

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in order to make a reservation and rent an apartment or a room,
Rental booking form;








1. The rental agreement is concluded remotely using the Website (online) or in the presence of the Parties.

2. In order to conclude the Rental Agreement:

  1. The User will complete the rental booking form provided on the Website, at the same time accepting and confirming that he/she has read the Rental Regulations and the Rental Agreement provided in the form.

  2. The Landlord will inform the User about the possibility of concluding a Lease Agreement via e-mail or in the Tenant's Panel within 2 days of receiving the above-mentioned form.

  3. Within 2 working days of receiving the booking form, the Landlord will verify the Tenant and send to the Tenant's e-mail address indicated in the form or in the Tenant's Panel the completed Rental Agreement, Rental Regulations and indicate the bank account and the date (not longer than 7 days) for the Deposit payment. The User shall pay the Deposit on the date and in the amount specified in the Rental Agreement. Payment of the Deposit should be made from the bank account belonging to the Lessee.

  4. In the case of timely payment of the Deposit, such payment shall be treated as confirmation by the Lessee of the conclusion of the Rental Agreement, under the conditions set out in the Rental Agreement and the Rental Regulations. Failure to pay the Deposit on time means the loss of the rental reservation and resignation from concluding the Rental Agreement. In the Tenant Panel, the lease agreement can be additionally signed with an electronic signature.

  5. The Landlord reserves the right to verify the Tenant before concluding the Lease Agreement, to which the Tenant agrees. In order to carry out verification (i.e. verification of the Tenant's identity, income and debt history in debtors' registers), the Landlord may verify the Tenant in the system. and/or request the Tenant to present documents: income certificate and/or a copy of the employment contract and/or a copy of a bank statement from the last three months confirming the receipt of remuneration or income from the employer and/or confirmation of education and/or a copy of a student ID/ and/or written confirmation from parents/guardians and/or a reference from the previous landlord and/or other documents that may affect the confirmation of the Lessee's verification. The Lessee, at the request of the Lessor, is obliged to submit to the above-mentioned verification and/or delivery by e-mail to the Lessor of the above documents. The rental agreement will not be concluded in the event of a negative verification of the Lessee. In the case of verification of the Tenant via the system - the first rent of the Lease will be increased once by the amount in accordance with the current price list for the verification of the Tenant (~ PLN 119).

  6. The Landlord reserves the right to conclude a lease agreement in the form of a document signed by a notary public.