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Monday to Friday:  12:00-17:00

Saturday to Sunday.: 12.00-20:00
In cases of urgent failures: 24h



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Termination of an agreement

Agreement and
its Extension

Rental return,
Moving out


The tenant is charged with failures:


  • olighting, including bulb replacement
  • unclogging clogged drains (in the sink, shower, washbasin, toilet, etc.)
    reattaching any loosened elements, such as elements of furniture, furniture fittings, lamps, electrical sockets, etc.
  • failures of household appliances and electronics caused by improper use (including the effects of flooding)
  • any failures related to calcification of elements (including replacement of worn elements)
  • defects caused by improper use due to the fault of the Lessee
  • all other repairs that do not require specialist knowledge and equipment.

The owner pays failures:


  • household appliances and electronics (unless the failure is caused by improper use)
  • electrical installation (excluding accessories)
  • water supply system
  • heating system (including a gas stove), excluding the venting of radiators
  • intercom
  • ventilation
  • removing the effects of the above failures (e.g. flooding)
  • hidden defects.

If the repair of the failure is on your side - remove it on your own and at your own expense.
In case of doubt or minor faults - contact us, we will recommend or send a suitable specialist.

How to report a failure:


Report a failure in the Tenant Panel or write us an e-mail providing the following information:

  • What apartment was damaged? (enter address)
  • what exactly happened and where? (description of the problem)
  • when did the failure occur and what steps have been taken so far?
  • upload photos documenting the failure
  • check if the cost of repair is not covered by your Tenant's insurance
  • if the repair is on your side, call a specialist, e.g. /www.usterka.pl/
  • or we recommend a professional: electrician / plumber / minor repairs: +48 790-011-745.

Urgent, emergency support:


If the failure is urgent, call us and:

  • if there is a media-related failure, first turn off the valves and/or turn off the electricity supply
  • in situations of direct threat to life or health, always first call the emergency number 112
  • in urgent crisis situations, first call: 992 - gas emergency, 994 - water and sewage emergency, 991 - energy emergency.


Method of payment:


We accept payments related to the rental to a bank account

Zojka-Rent no: PL 17 1160 2202 0000 0003 6900 3533
SWIFT code for foreign transfers: BIGBPLPW.

Contractual fees are payable for each month in advance by the 15th day of the month.


If you make the payment by the 10th day of the month, you will receive an automatic rent discount in the amount of PLN 60. The rent specified in the contract includes the above-mentioned discount.

The description of the transfer each time indicates:

  • name and surname of the Tenant/s
  • the amount paid towards: rent x PLN and service charges x PLN.
  • the address of the subject of the lease
  • month to which the transfer relates

If you make the payment after the 10th day of the month - the amount of the rent increases by the amount of the discount of PLN 60.
The date of payment is considered to be the date of crediting the funds to the bank account.

No payment on time:


No payment by the 10th day of the month - the rent will be automatically increased by the amount of the discount. In the event of payment delays after the 15th day of the month, the Lessor may also demand payment of contractual interest for each day of delay.

Additional charge:


It may result from a title other than the rent, e.g. a repair on the part of the Tenant, underpayment of utilities or rent, loss of the rent discount for a given month, delay in payment, lack of Tenant's insurance. In the event of non-payment of the above additional cost, the nearest rental fee will be credited to it in the first place.

Agreement and its Extension

The lease agreement may be extended only by concluding a new lease agreement, and the Lessee should inform about the intention to extend it in the Tenant Panel or by e-mail at least one month before the expiry date of the current agreement. We conclude another lease agreement for another period of time, as a rule, on at least the same terms and conditions as the current agreement. In order to conclude another rental agreement, we may perform your financial re-verification. The deposit from the current contract will be credited to the next contract.

Termination of an agreement

Find a new tenant for your place:


You can terminate the lease agreement at any time, without notice, provided that you find another tenant who will sign a new lease agreement, on terms at least the same as your current agreement. The new tenant must meet the relevant criteria, e.g. having adequate income. Ask the future tenant to contact us and inform us about your willingness to assign the contract to a new tenant. Your contract will be terminated when the new tenant signs a lease agreement with us.

Deposit 1 or 2 times the fees:


We can terminate the contract by mutual agreement of the Parties:

  • at any time without giving a reason, provided that the payer pays twice the rent for the lease within seven business days without paying for utilities. In this case, the termination will be effective only with the simultaneous payment of the above-mentioned fee. amount, the deposit is non-refundable.
  • in justified cases, at any time if you make an additional payment within seven working days of notice in the amount of one-times the rent with utility charges (the rest as above).
  • in justified cases, you can terminate the contract within a period of not less than one (full) calendar month of notice (submitted by the last day of the previous month) during which we may oblige you to show the premises to future tenants, while the deposit may be returned in the amount of half the amount paid. If the notice period is not met, the deposit is not refundable.

Send the notice to us by e-mail or in the Tenant Panel.

Rental return, moving out

  • Inform us in the Tenant Panel or by e-mail about the return of the premises at least five days before the date of moving out. Together we will determine the method and the exact date of handing over the premises.
  • Pursuant to the contract, the subject of the lease should be returned, among others: in a non-deteriorated condition, with the exception of wear resulting from current and proper use.
  • In the event of damage to the subject of the lease and not repaired, the amount constituting the cost of repairs will be deducted from the deposit. The deposit will be returned by bank transfer within (as a rule, seven working days) from returning the subject of the lease and making mutual settlements to the account from which it was made.
  • When handing over the subject of the lease, the tenant is obliged to return the keys and return the premises cleaned and tidy in accordance with the scope of activities indicated in the contract

Other problem

If you have a other problem: Write us a message in the Tenant Panel, e-mail or call us with a detailed description of the problem. We will try to solve it as soon as possible.


Tenant Insurance

  • In order to protect its own property and avoid incurring the costs of damage caused to the subject of the lease, the Lessee should purchase a civil liability insurance policy for natural persons in private life with the extension of the scope of liability for damage to the rented property up to the amount of at least PLN 50,000 throughout the term of the lease agreement (Insurance tenants). The Tenant undertakes to send the confirmation of the conclusion of the contract together with the proof of payment of the premium by e-mail within 14 days from the conclusion of the rental contract.
  • The Tenant's insurance in the case of renting an apartment is obligatory - If the Tenant fails to comply with the above obligation, the amount of the rent will be increased by PLN 100 per month
  • We recommend the Tenant's insurance in the Plus Package: simpl.rent (cost PLN 60 per year).



Tenant Panel

The Tenant's Panel is an online space created especially for the Tenant. All matters related to the lease agreement can be handled remotely using the Panel. It contains all information related to the rental, incl. data on settlements and contractual payments, documents related to the lease, including the lease agreement, the ability to send us a message, report a defect or other problem related to the lease. We can contact tenants in a traditional way, providing all information by e-mail, or at your request - you can receive access to the Tenant Panel.

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